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Goodbye Apostrophe - Peter Schmitt.jpg
Goodbye, Apostrophe

"His range is exemplary and, most persuasively of all, his poems are altogether without pretensions, as if they had been smelted down to draw off any possible impurities."

- Anthony Hecht

Renewing the Vows - Peter Schmitt.jpg
Renewing the Vows

"I know of no poet who observes the subtlety of human expression and gesture with such insight and precision."

- Jim Daniels

Hazard Duty - Peter Schmitt.jpg
Hazard Duty

"Hazard Duty is a radiantly humane and lyric volume no reader will easily forget."

- Dana Gioia

Country Airport - Peter Schmitt.jpg
Country Airport

"Reading these poems, one feels like calling a friend's attention to their extraordinary tact..."


- Richard Wilbur


To Disappear - Peter Schmitt
To Disappear

 In a 7-poem chapbook, the crisis of an eating disorder, seen through a lover's eyes.

Incident in an Apartment Complex - Peter
Incident in an Apartment Complex: A Suite of Voices

Seven linked, dramatic monologues recreate the tragic unfolding of a crime--based closely on the author's actual experience.

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